LaBrooks Legal Investigation Services

     A legal investigator can be private, paralegal, detective hired by attorneys, individual citizen, government agency, or simply in need of research to prepare, research, and investigate civil or criminal cases including sex offenders, absconders, murders, etc. In most cases, legal investigators are hired by government agencies, individuals, attorneys or anyone in need of investigation to help solve court cases for trials, gather physical evidence that allows attorney to put together a logical case.

     A legal investigator have tasks to gather and review important in a case and develop cases through careful research or shall I say thorough research. They keep detailed notes about their research, make clear sketches, take photographs, and have videotapes. They also receive a salary, reimbursement for expenses, provided with a company vehicle, and receive bonuses. 

     A legal investigator is simply a Legal Researcher.

  "ThatTypingLady" graduated from Urban League of Essex County, Newark, NJ with Secretarial/Word Processing Training, Professional Career Development Institute as a Paralegal in Atlanta, GA, and Certified Tax Preparer/Auditor. She is a Contract Paralegal who works for legal agencies in New Jersey, Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina where she runs multiple locations as an Independent Legal Investigator. Why? She enjoys research, typing, traveling out of town, and working with difficult cases. She received her first case in New Jersey investigating and researching fraud where she began LaBrooks Legal Investigation Services in 1997 after graduating from paralegal school. 
​Specialty Areas:

*Civil Litigation
*Real Estate
*Administrative Law aka Public Law (see below) 
*Criminal Law*Real Estate
*Corporations Law (Transactional Law) 
*Taxation aka Tax Law (Common Law)
*Business Law 
*Copyright Law (Patents, Service Marks, Trademarks)
*Workers Compensation
*Contracts in Law 
*Employer/Employee Law (Commercial Law)

*Certified Diploma Legal Studies – (Executive Branch) 
(Administrative Law aka Public Law)
Laws and the Judicial System
-Taxation aka Tax Law (Common Law)
-Transport Law
-Immigration Law
-Police Law
-Legal Nurse Consulting
*Labor & Employment Laws


*Certified Level 1 Interviewing & Interrogation Techniques
*Retail Loss Prevention for Employees 


Loss Prevention, Investigators, Educators, and Law Enforcement Professionals
Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) Certified #031677
Certified Organized Retail Crime Investigations (LPF)

*Loss Prevention Detective, Certificate of Completion

*Closing the Investigative Interview 

*Handling Ethics in the Workplace

*Labor & Employment Laws
*Workers Compensation (Personal Injury)
*Certified Employer/ Employee Law
  (Commercial Law)
*Certified Copyright Law in America
  (Patents, Service Marks, Trademarks
*Certified Contracts in Law
*Certified Business Law
*Corporations Law
*Civil Litigation
*Real Estate 
*Tax Law 
*Paralegal Training Certificate 
-Pension and Benefits
-Trusts and Estates
-State and Local tax


*Lexis 1 Basic Legal Research 
*Lexis 2 Advanced Legal Research 

LaBrooks Legal Investigation Services
Senior Legal Investigator-Researcher
Master Ninja