About "ThatTypingLady"
     My name is Ms. LaTonya Monique Brooks approximately 53 years started the typing business at age 12 with the enjoyment of typing and secretarial service. By the time I reached 12, I was already typing 50 wpm.  By age 28, typing business went into effect by age 33 returned back to college where the business “ThatTypingLady” was moved from New Jersey into Marietta, GA in May 1998, started April 2004 in Georgia expanded to Charlotte, North Carolina, Marietta, Georgia, and Tallahassee, Florida.

     At first, the clientele consisted of only college students, because the colleges did not have anyone to conduct career research, excellent job search, prepare resumes, or quick fast typing skills. Ms. Brooks is heavily involved in Community Workforce Development by assisting unemployed veterans, senior citizens, career transition, unemployed employees, retirees, homemakers, and anyone that needs assistance with typing and employment research. Ms. Brooks hosts career job research on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.





    Ms. Brooks has over 25 years typing experience, 10 years Career Job Research Specialist, 15 years in tax industry, 25 years Secretary, 10 years legal investigator-research, 10 years as a Career-Job Search Researcher, 20 years receptionist, 20 years data entry specialist, and 17 years paralegal. Ms. Brooks received her first case in New Jersey investigating and researching fraud where LaBrooks Legal Investigation Services in 1997 started after graduating from paralegal and investigations school.  

    Ms. Brooks moved to Georgia in May 1998 where she worked for several attorneys as a Civil Litigation Paralegal and Legal Secretary. Ms. Brooks has received her Associate of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice from Bauder College and Bachelors of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Kaplan University.

   Ms. Brooks is a lifetime member of Georgia Alpha Chapter of Delta Epsilon Tau International Honor Society.

   Ms. Brooks is a lifetime alumni member of Alpha Phi Sigma National Honor Society.

   Ms. Brooks is an honoree from the Biltmore Who's Who Among Executives and Professional Women.

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